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Amethyst Quartz Soy Intention Candle

Amethyst Quartz Soy Intention Candle

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Start your day with intention by lighting a soothing Intention Candle, made with natural soy wax. Embedded with amethyst quartz crystals and scented with scented with saffron + tobacco, this 6oz candle promotes protection, healing and purity.

Product Features:

  • Our candles have easily removable labels that can be peeled off without leaving a sticky residue, allowing you to effortlessly repurpose your vessel once the candle is finished burning.
  • Our Intention Candles are embedded with authentic quartz crystals. Once your candle has finished burning, let the remaining wax cool slightly, and you can remove and keep the crystals inside.

Fragrance Notes:

  • Top: Saffron, White Tea
  • Middle: Purple Peonies, Orchid, Tobacco
  • Base: Vanilla, Almond Milk, Tonka Bean

Burn time: 50+ hours.

Instructions: Trim wick to 0.2" (5mm) above wax before lighting. Burn for up to 4 hours or until wax melts to the edge of the vessel. 

Ingredients: natural soy wax, fragrance oil.

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