• Warm Gingerbread + Masala Chai Coconut Soy Candle

    $48.00 CAD

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  • Merrimint Soy Candle

    $12.00 - $24.00 CAD

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  • Juniper Fir + Balsam Spruce Coconut Soy Candle

    $48.00 CAD

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Our Holiday Collection Has Arrived

  • I've been getting so many compliments from visitors on your candles. We're all sad that your goodies are so far away! The quality of your candles is simply incredible. I buy candles when I travel and none have checked all the boxes for me to be my "perfect candle" as yours do.

    - Ev

  • Woohoo! See you guys again soon! It's funny - one of my cast mates, Billy Burke, Is obsessed with my candle that I got from you. I brought it to my trailer and he asked that I scoop two for himself too!

    - Sabina

  • I absolutely love all your candles! I have about 4 burning at home at the moment along with some wax melts! I also buy them as gifts for all my people. Being from Mission originally, I love that you're local. In terms of burning, scent, and vessels, you are so spot on!

    - Linzy

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